Change: Reflections on Research

In my previous years of English experience, I have written tons of papers that required research either self-discovery or learning about a new topic. I have written all sorts of papers including abstracts, lab reports, autobiographies, biographies, annotated bibliographies, memoirs, and more. Many of these papers have related to my field of study. My field of study would be math and sciences through my school experience and hopefully part of my career after I graduate. Though I have started to notice that in my writing that I am more of a social sciences type of writer. One paper has helped me self-discover who I am, how I got here in these past years, and how I have grown as a responsible teenager.

I have one particular paper that has shifted me as a person and a writer and the paper was about my life. This paper was a memoir and it was about the past six years of my life. The paper was titled, Change: Good or Bad? The story was about how it affected my life when my mom decided to leave my mom. At this point in her life, she was a stay at home mom with seven kids so she had to go out and start her life over and had to find a job. She ended up working at a restaurant as a waitress and my oldest brother also had to get a job. There were a lot of emotions and difficulties when he left because none of us kids wanted to go with him. My father soon started calling DSS over false accusations and tried to get custody of us. Lately, he has given up on all of this knowing that he would not receive custody. My mom has full custody of all of us and does an amazing job. This paper made me self-discover my feelings about these certain situations in my life and I have realized how responsible I have grown to be.

That paper helped me recognize that having him in my life was holding me back as a person. Now that he is gone and out of my life, I have become a very responsible and mature person. I am a sixteen-year-old high school and college student. I also happen to balance a job, play a very competitive softball team that travels almost every weekend, I have straight A’s, and I balance my responsibilities at home as a big sister. I often watch my siblings while my mother is at work so I help with homework, cook food, help bathe, and much more for my younger three siblings. The way this paper has made me identify my true feelings and my thought process so that is why I would identify as social sciences as my field of study. Psychology is apart of the social sciences category and that is all that paper was.

In conclusion, with the essay of how I self-discovered my feelings, it also helped me discover my academic field. I am a social science writer and math and science student when it comes to those topics. I have become a responsible and mature person that I am very happy with. I balance my life out very evenly even when times get stressful, you just have to get through the rough patches to get to the good ones. I have grown as a person and student that my mom is very proud of and that is all I ever wanted.

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